Saturday, October 5, 2013

Actually, Mobile learning is not...

Mobile learning is not about designing and developing the learning content as per the mobile devices or ipad or tablets... 
I have been observing this for quite sometime now, people are getting misguided by some impatient immature.

I was talking to one of my prospective clients, who reached out to me in response to my campaign I sent out last week on mobile learning enablement; I was understanding the scenario n their elearning plans for the year. N was stuck when she (prospective clients) said 'they want us to create content for ipad as they want to do mlearning too'. I realized and we spent next 15 minutes on a discussion which led to this statement.. 'I want to create content for my users who are mobile, possibly they will access the learning on ipad or their own smart phone.'
Point is in having a clarity on what we really want to achieve when we wish to grow with technology.
If you proceed with the first objective statement i.e., designing elearning for ipad... You are yourself giving a birth to a new problem... Are you really sure that nothing gonna come after ipad as a device? Apple is very much open to come with say something like i****..which can be another revolutionary device or platform and highly useful for elearning... Then what.. Are you going to again redo and design the ipad course as per new technology available....? Seems training budgets are not assigned to the LnD division but to the elearning vendor revenue account.
Imagine now, if objective statement is second one i.e., designing elearning for learners who are mobile... That means forever these learners would be able to learn what your are delivering irrespective of what Apple, Google or Microsoft or anyone else are launching tomorrow.
Elearning industry is preparing itself for future proof content, at least for next 5 years your content should be insured.

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