Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HTML5: Having Training for Mobile Learners, 5 Reasons

HTML5: Having Training for Mobile Learners, 5 Reasons .....this just clicked in my mind when I was reading an interesting article on the learning technologies transformation on one of the popular website couple of days back. 

I have been hearing this for quite sometime now, everyday you must also be having at least 8-10 emails from various sources, claiming to be the indigenous and bragging about this technology and it's implications on learning and training industry. Not devaluing anyone of them but it just don't help the recipient in any way.  

Reason is, they are making this world too complicated and frightening the people unnecessarily with flash & HTML5 game. 

Since last 2 odd years, don't you think we have discussed too much on the pros and cons of both these technologies....we started with the visual experiences, then device & OS support, then Responsive & Adaptive Designings, iPAD/Tablet era, Mobile Learning trends, and what not.   

I am not going to write anything great today but just would try to keep it simple, as simple as my expansion of the abbreviation HTML5 above. 

I may not sound great technologically but even then it would make some sense to you, as the intention is to help and to pull helpless! 

Here You Go with my simple 5 reasons on having HTML5:

1. HTML5 is like water...75% of your body (eLearning mix) should be made of it, else you are not healthy (training ROI). 

2. HTML5 is like Oxygen in Air (you may see Flash is Nitrogen) .....al though Nitrogen is 78% and Oxygen is just 21%....even then it is essential. [it's not about what is less seen or found is not popular or not needed] 

3. Origin of Flash is from Future+Splash, and it has actually splashed the future of eLearning...and HTML5 has come out of that splash, which is future. HTML is a 22 year old, well matured young, enthusiastic & energetic technology. 

4. HTML & Flash are almost like Google & Microsoft now ...choice is yours...both works well, but even then you pick one over another...I know, I don't have to be that dumb to help you choose. 

5. HTML5 & Flash decision is not at all about the iPAD/iOS or tablet or mobile based learning....it's a way beyond platforms. If someone comes to you telling that you should adopt HTML/HTML5 because it is best way to enable mLearning or first step to your mobile learning initiatives...please beware of such half cooked stuff, as consumption may lead to indigestion! 

Hope I have helped you gain some confident information on HTML5 buzz.  :)

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