Wednesday, October 9, 2013

True eLearning Device - Tablet 7" - 10"

With the lot of research on finding out the ideal device to adopt to deliver the elearning content to various types of learning audience for all types of training types, we could arrive to a point where we can see Tablets solving the problem. 

You may go ahead with any specific vendor from here onwards...say Apple-iPAD, Samsung-Galaxy or MS-Windows or anything else exists in this world; it would not really matter much. 

A. Learning Audience: they can come from kindergarden, senior secondary, Colleges, Universities, Corporate Universities, VET, Professional Ed, On-Job trainings, etc. 

B. Training Areas: Content can be of any nature softskills, technical, Compliance, Inductions, Product Trainings, Process Trainings, and what not.

C. Module types: it can simple courses, learning games, scenarios based learning modules, Simulations, 2D/ 3D Animations, Virtual Tours, Virtual Classrooms, Video based elearning content, Knowledge checks, Assessments, and anything remains.     

Considering ABCs of learning domain, Tablet based learning is coming up as an impact. 

Adoption of these devices are fastest in the history of any technology devices. 

On top of all these favorable points about tablets, one has a choice to deliever the content in multiple formats, say web based modules, native app based applications or as a hybrid app.

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