Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear Pharmaceutical, Please Take your Tablet on Time!

Pharma & Healthcare Industry has always been identified among the top adopters of innovative & meaningful learning technologies and similar trend is now being observed for the 'Tablet / iPAD based Learning' too. 

I am really impressed to see some of the business use case, these people come up with and always ready to invest their time & money in it with all faith on the positiveness of the outcome. 

As 'Tablets' are considered to be the life savers and so as in L&D function too, Tablet / iPad devices have solved many deadlock issues for the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry.

Reaching to a wider audience & keeping them enageged with your most recent update is the thing on which this industry spends whooping almost 1/3rd of their sales revenues!! 

So to optimize or increase the ROI of this spend was a key challenge for the leading players, however recently some of the serious organizations have leveraged Tablet devices very efficiently for their sales reps, medical reps and medical practitioners. They have been successfully found the way working for them finally. 

From L&D perspective, if I really keep it short and tell you, what they have done is nothing but the below 3 things: 
1. eBook out of PDFs/PPTs/DOCs etc 
2. Explored Tablet based App Potentials - specially for live updates 
3. Adoption of Platform Agnostic Format / HTML5       

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