Friday, October 25, 2013

eLearning To-Do for Banking & Financial Institutions In India

Banking and Financial Institutions in India, comes on top when we talk about the industries who have realized the true benefits of e-Learning, in recent times. 

This industry is seriously investing their time and budgets into it and I am very sure they have also realized the ROI as well. 

I think now is the time we can talk about level next, where we can get deeper into it and further optimize the efforts by fulfilling the gaps, which we left unknowingly. 

Learning Technologies:
 - Learning Management Systems 
 - Assessment Engines
 - Tablet Learning Enablement 

Learning Content
 - Instructionally Treated Content 
 - Compliance Trainings 
 - Learning Games
 - Scenario Based Learning
 - Flash or HTML5
 - Rapid Authoring tools, when and why?
 - Off-the-Shelf or Custom eLearning  

Learning Enhancements 
 - Social Learning 
 - Mobile Learning 
 - Enterprise Knowledge Retention

[I'll be covering all of these points quickly within this blog post one by one]


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